Nitric Acid

Platinum-based catalysts have been used in the commercial manufacture of nitric acid, a key ingredient of fertilisers, for over a century.


In the chemical processing sector, platinum compounds are added to speciality silicones to achieve the properties required in use.

Hard Disks

Computer hard disks contain platinum in the magnetic layers to improve the density of data storage and enable a reduction in disk size.

Electronic Components

Palladium is used in electronics applications, from consumer products to complex military hardware, for its electrical conductivity and its durability.


Platinum, and to a much greater extent palladium, are mixed with other metals to produce alloys for dental restorations.


Iridium is the preferred material for crucibles used for growing high purity single crystals of various metal oxides used in a range of applications.


Platinum's high melting point, strength and resistance to corrosion allow it to withstand the abrasive action of molten glass.


Platinum-based drugs are used for cancer treatment. Platinum components are used in pacemakers and other heart treatments.


Platinum catalysts are used to produce high octane gasoline and petrochemical feedstocks for plastics, synthetic rubber and polyester fibres.


Platinum sensors are used in engine control systems to measure oxygen and NOx levels and in home safety devices to detect carbon monoxide.