Products and services

Johnson Matthey provides worldwide precious metals trading services, a comprehensive range of platinum group metals products, and a sustainable, safe and efficient precious metals refining service. Please follow the links below to the product or service that you need.

PGM management services

Johnson Matthey offers its clients pricing alternatives for buying and selling PGM, metal accounts, secure metals storage and advice on market trends.

Metallic products

Glass industry products; laboratory apparatus; crucibles; wire, tube and sheet; catalyst gauze; jewellery alloys; brazing alloys.

Catalysts and chemical

Pgm salts; emission control catalysts; process catalysts; passive component materials; fuel cell components; gas purifiers; plating salts.

Medical and pharmaceutical

Pharmaceutical services and materials; alkaloid opiates and other controlled drugs; biomedical implant products; prostaglandins.

Precious metal inks

Johnson Matthey Colour Technologies supplies high performance materials for the glass and ceramics industries.

Catalogue sales

Alfa Aesar's online catalogue contains 30,000 products, including novel fine organics, fuel cell catalysts, nanomaterials, pure metals and catalyst/ligand kits.

Refining services

Refining of pgm from automotive, electronic, pharmaceutical, chemical and other materials. Gold and silver present at low levels can also be recovered.

Other sales offices

The links on this page will take you to websites and contact details for sales of Johnson Matthey products in Japan, Ireland, Hong Kong and Switzerland.